Friday, July 26, 2013

Color Vibe 5K

Ummmm, so waaaaay behind in blogging again.  What's new.  I will try to catch up here during these last few weeks of summer.  It has been crazy with trying to sell our house, vacations, etc...  Let's start with this fun event I did right before we left for our annual beach vacation in June.  The Color Vibe 5K!  It was a blast!  I ran with two of my friends, and was more than thrilled with my finish time!  All of my previous 5K times from last Fall hovered anywhere from 43 to 48 minutes.  My goal this time was to be under 40, and I blew that away!  35 minutues...PR baby!  I had been training hard for the run by running at the Y, and I have faithfully been taking many classes such as Boot for sure is helping me reach some fitness goals. 

On the way to the my Bic Band supporting Boston!

Before the race with friends Natalie and Ronda...

After! ;)

This one with my boys cracked me up!

M got in on the action...a little more than he bargained for...haha...

The ride home...what a great time!