Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas 2011

Christmas Day was a whirlwind!  Poor Chris had to work a "turn" to Steamboat Springs, CO, so he left the house at 6:30am...here he is with the boys (which who of course were up by then!), before he left the house for work...  The boys where excited to open one present before he left!

I then got myself and the boys ready to head to "the lake" in WI, so celebrate with Chris's extended family.  It is only an hours drive to Lake Mills, WI from our place, and every other year, Christmas is celebrated there.

Matthew is waiting patiently for the gifts to be opened...

Jacob and 2nd cousin Ainsley...they are only day apart in age, and were only a month old last Christmas!

Jacob and Grandpa Doherty!

Me helping Matthew open his gifts...  Thank you everyone!

Jacob, for some reason, loved being "caged" in under one of Aunt Wendy's tables...;)

Jacob got to open up gifts too!

By a little after 6pm, we were all back home, and we could celebrate with Daddy! (Matthew is in his "close eyes and smile goofy" stage...)

He was so excited to get his first scooter/kickboard!

They boys loved their "Pillow Pets" as well...I have learned that kids LOVE the cheesy gifts...;)
We hope everyone had a blessed Christmas as well, celebrating our Lord and Savior's birth!

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