Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sock Monkey Party Prep

I have been busy planning Matthew's second birthday party since a little before Christmas.  I decided on a "sock monkey" theme.  I wanted something cute for a two year old boy, but not too "cartoonish".  Little did I know that the sock monkey was invented right here in good 'ol Rockford, IL!  People started making sock monkey's out of the "red heeled" socks made by the Nelson Knitting Company, also known as Rockford socks.  I stumbled upon this fact after researching sock monkey ideas online.  I had mentioned something on Facebook how I found some cute sock monkey t-shirts for birthday parties on Etsy.com, but they were a little pricey.  One of my sorority sister friends from college, who is quite crafty, volunteered to make Matthew one herself!  Megan did an excellent job!  I am so excited and happy on how the shirt (and hat!) she made turned out.  Thanks again Megan!!

Here they are together:

A close up of the the shirt:

The hat:

Here is a photo I found online when "googling" sock monkey party ideas.  I came across this banner on another blog, and I will attempt to make it soon!  Another friend from church, who is an artist, will hopefully help me.  Wish me luck in the recreation of it...


Laura said...

Megan made that?!? Way to go Meggie, that looks awesome!

Elaine said...

Adorable!!! Great idea for a theme & great work (of course!) from Megan!

MKB said...

Oh my gosh--thanks! Everyone!!Especially Beth, for the business and opportunity. The hat is made out of starched felt and covered with fabric I used on the shirt for the number "2".